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Hoosier Jr Dragster Front Tire

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ModelDescriptionTread WidthAppx. Dia.Appx. Circ.Recom. Rim WidthMeas. Rim WidthSection WidthComp.Price 
1801016.0/1.5-121.0"16.0"50.0"1.0-1.5"1.5"1.7"(Tube Required)$59
1803118.0/8.0-87.7"17.7"55.0"7-8"8"9.9"PRO 8$148
1803618.0/9.0-88.5"17.7"55.5"8-9"8"10.25"PRO 9$155
1804118.0/10.0-89.5"17.7"55.0"8-10"8"10.6"PRO 10$162

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