Tires Designed for Champions!
Gary Landgrebe

Hoosier: The Tires of Champions

I'm Gary Landgrebe, an authorized Hoosier Tire dealer and consultant in Springfield, Illinois for over 20 years.

Being a drag racer myself for over 47 years and running nothing but Hoosier Tires for the past 22 years, I believe they are the best tires on the market. That is why I sell only select Hoosier racing tires:

  • Drag Front Tires
  • Drag Slicks
  • DOT Drag Radial Slick
  • Drag Bracket Radials
  • DOT Radials
  • DOT Pro Street Radials
  • DOT Quick Time Pro
  • DOT Quick Time
  • Jr. Dragster Tires
  • Racing Tubes and Liners

My goal as a Hoosier Tire dealer is not only to sell you tires but also to ensure you get the right tire and size for your car/dragster, and to make sure you get a matched set of tires with the same roll out, the right tire compound and best possible pricing.

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